Pascuali filati naturali

We are a yarn company with headquarters in Cologne, Germany which was founded in 2008 by Paul Pascuali. At Pascuali we seek to create and produce eco-friendly, natural, fair-trade, organic yarns of the highest quality and luxury paying close attention to every aspect of the production. We offer a wide variety of luxury yarns produced, spun and dyed according to the strictest EU regulations which are coveted by internationally well-known designers as well as exclusive shops all over the world. We offer biodegradable natural yarns completely free of synthetics with a fair trade and eco-friendly production focusing on renewable energy and recycling of excess resources. 100% Natural Animal Based Yarns - Some of the rarest natural fibres in the world like Vicuña and Qiviut are as much a part of our portfolio as 100% natural and organic luxury yarns such as Cashmere and Camel. Our range also includes exceptional Alpaca, Mohair and Merino yarns. 100% Natural Plant Based Yarns - We are pioneers in developing innovative plant based vegan yarns made with organic cotton and fibres like linen, ramie and bamboo viscose. 100% Natural Yarns to Dye - We also offer a wide range of luxury natural yarns for dying. Natural Wool and Yarn Care Products - Our Wool & Cashmere Organic Detergent is particularly gentle and can be used with all fibres. It consists of easily biodegradable ingredients and soapwort extract. Pascuali Collezioni - Throughout the year, along with our yarns, we bring you timeless, seamless, modern patterns for men, women and children. All patterns are available in digital form in English and German.